Ian Watson Websites

2. Plan & Design

Once you’ve sent me your completed questionnaire, I’ll go through it carefully and use it as a base point to start brainstorming ideas that are consistent with your vision and goals. At this stage, I’d like to book some consultation time with you to go over my ideas and strategies, then agree on project priorities and goals. Now that I have a clear understanding of the design brief, I will start building your perfect website.

1. Onboarding

Once you’ve accepted your quotation, I’ll give you a quick call to personally thank you and answer any questions you may have. Then, I’ll set you up on my payment gateway and issue a deposit invoice for 50% of the total website build.  Once that’s processed I’ll send you a simple questionnaire for you to complete. This helps me understand what your business does and the specific services you offer. It’s also used to confirm your business contact information, how you would like to manage the ongoing hosting, and finally any brand guidelines I should follow. 

3. Website Presentation

Provided that you send me agreed-upon content (logo etc), I guarantee that I will have a website ready for your viewing within 21 days. I’ll give you access to your website via a temporary domain so that you can view it on any internet-enabled device. It’s my hope that you instantly fall in love with the design and that it’s consistent with your vision. Please go through your website carefully and make notes on any feedback or design tweaks that you would like changed. When you’re ready we will book another consultation (zoom or telephone) where I can explain the reasoning behind the design and how it aligns with your goals. At this stage, you can provide me with your feedback if any. 

4. Final Preparation

When you’re happy that all design tweaks have been made (if any), I’ll issue you your final 50% website build invoice. We then need to make a few preparations before the website can go live. First, depending on how you’ve chosen to host your website and manage the domain, we may need to transfer or ‘point’ your domain name over to my servers. Once that’s done I will connect it to your new website – At this stage, if you typed in your domain name into a web browser you will see a ‘Coming soon’ landing page. Finally, I will send you login credentials that will enable you to edit the text and images on your website.

5. Launch Day

Finally, launch day is here! From here on out, your website will help your business look more professional, increase credibility, and get more clients. Give me a call or send me an email once you’re happy with your text and image content and confirm with me that your website is ready for launch. Pending your confirmation, I will remove the ‘coming soon’ landing page and your website will be viewable for the world to see. Congratulations!